Our Facilities

Our Facilities



At Hastings Family Dental Care we employ all the latest technologies to ensure every patient receives optimum care.

Digital Intra-Oral Radiology

All intra-oral x-ray imaging is produced in digital format & is immediately available for viewing on a computer screen! This state of the art technology requires less than 1/3 of the radiation dose compared with that of a conventional x-ray film & the ability to view the image within seconds saves valuable time and makes for on the spot treatment planning.

Digital OPG

Our OPG x-rays are also in a digital format using the most modern and advanced OPG machine. The OPG is the major diagnostic tool used to detect bone loss around the teeth, the presence or absence of wisdom teeth and many other underlying conditions.

Photo Imagery

Every surgery is equipped with an intra-oral camera that allows you to clearly see and understand your oral health condition.


All equipment and materials are of the very highest quality available. We are very proud to have the latest technology to help serve you better.


Our practice exceeds all government standards in infection control & sterilisation and all non-disposable instruments are processed by autoclave sterilisation.